Plus Size Sheep Costume for Adults

The ladies won’t be able to resist cuddling with you when you wear this Plus Size Sheep Costume! Available in 2X/3X.


Hey, we herd you are looking for a new animal costume. No need to be sheepish about asking us for ideas! Actually, this exclusive Plus Size Sheep Costume may be just the look you’ve been flocking toward. (We promise, we won’t make anymore bad sheep puns.)We designed this sheep costume to be part of a “Mary had a Little Lamb”-themed outfit, and we were pretty amazed at all the other fun themes this costume goes with! Instead of following Mary around all the time and not letting her have any privacy, you could wear this woolly costume to become one of Little Bo Peep’s lost sheep. Bo Peep could then spend the whole time during the party trying to find you. Or, you can just team up with a bunch of friends dressed up as farm animals for a silly farm critter group costume.Whatever type of sheep you wish to be, this costume is a perfect place to start. The woolly-looking faux fleece shirt and pants will keep you cozy and comfortable, and the matching fleece hood and ears give you a pretty adorable look. The included black mitts and shoe covers help you get the complete “sheep experience.” We also make this costume in toddler and children sizes, so the whole family can be one big happy flock! We’re pretty sure you will all have so much fun, you’ll be baaaa-gging for more!**Disclaimer: We had our fingers crossed when we said we wouldn’t do any more bad sheep puns.