Plus Size Munchkin Mayor Costume

Our plus size Munchkin Mayor costume is an exclusive costume you won’t find anywhere else. Available in 2X/3X/4X.


We imagine the topics at a Munchkinland town hall meeting are wide-ranging, genuinely interesting, and yet the slightest bit humorous. That’s not to diminish the importance of small-time municipal government, mind you. We are simply fond of the image of Munchkinland’s various publics duking it out in a war of bureaucratic words over that which they hold dear.Consider, for example, the first meeting of the month, in which a few folks air grievances about zoning minutiae and standardized door height. Then consider this next hypothetical, in which the Lollipop Guild launches a riotous diatribe against a local campaign encouraging them to wear only blue (the preferred color of most Munchkins, but you know that). Next, when things couldn’t get weirder, giant houses are falling from the sky, witches good and bad are running amok, and even worse, no one cares to file a zoning permit for that building that appeared out of thin air. All of a sudden, standardized door height seems trivial, and the town hall is chaos.Take charge of your municipality and hold the Good Witch of the North and Dorothy Gale responsible for all this commotion in our Plus Size Munchkin Mayor Costume, a long tailored emerald suit jacket and pants with a matching green top hat to help you stand out in the crowd! We know you want everything to return to normal—truly, we do—so dress like you mean it, Mr. Mayor, before the Good Witch and Dorothy go skipping off along the yellow brick road!