Plus Size Deluxe King of Hearts Costume

Get this plus size deluxe king of hearts costume and go as an Alice in Wonderland couple with the Queen of Hearts costume this Halloween for a great price. Available in sizes 2X through 5X.


What would be your first order of business after becoming King? Would you declare your ascension a national holiday, where there will be dancing in the street, and massive amounts of delicious food? Would you have a painting commissioned of you accepting the crown?Or would you show off your heart, and go see your people. Hold a feast honoring the blacksmith, and the baker, and the shoemaker? We think you would go with a happy feast honoring the people of the kingdom. Because that is just the kind of guy you are. A guy with a lot of heart. You seem like you would make a good King. Your people would love you.This Plus Size Deluxe King of Hearts Costume might not make you a real King, but it will show everyone how much heart you truly have. And who knows maybe once you put on this velvet crown, people around you might just find that you are quite kingly. They might even listen when you make announcements. Although, who wouldn’t if you threw a feast honoring all the people you know. You might even just meet your Queen of Hearts at the feast. (Let’s just hope she isn’t a little off her rocker like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland.) She will see you wearing this hearts sash, and know what a loving guy you are. You won’t have to proclaim a day of dancing in the street, ever girl will grab a guy, and start celebrating their new King. All hail the King!