Plus Oktoberfest Guy Costume

Celebrate your favorite time of year–Oktoberfest!–with this Plus Oktoberfest Guy Costume. This plus size costume comes in sizes 2X and 3X.


Some days you just want to go back to the old country and enjoy a freshly poured pint. However, if you’re wearing your business suit or even in a tee shirt and shorts, it still won’t feel quite right. Don’t worry, though, we have exactly what you need. Toss on this Oktoberfest Guy Costume and that will change quickly. You’ll feel as ready to drink a cold brew as the hard working Bavarian men that wore lederhosen during the most physical of labor.You may not have worked as hard as the men that originally started this fashion trend. You will, however, definitely be up for chugging a few cold ones down once you put on this costume. You will be filled with the spirit of Oktoberfest and be ready to partake in plenty of Bavarian festivities! This will even be perfect as a fun Halloween costume. Not everyone has to dress up to look scary. Instead, you can just be a jolly German and enjoy the haunting celebrations with a delicious beer by your side. This costume comes with the white shirt, the lederhosen, knee-high white socks, and the hat depicted in the picture. Although, if you wish to complete this international look then you’ll need some accessories. You may want to grab an extra-large mug to carry around with you through all the fun! Once you’ve found the perfect addition for this Oktoberfest Guy Costume, you’ll be ready a night of fun where the music has never sounded better and the beer has never tasted so good.