Orange Afro Clown Wig

You’ve been clownin’ around for years now, but something’s been missing… it must be this Orange Afro Clown Wig!

Items Included
  • Wig
  • 100% synthetic fiber construction
  • Can also be used to flag down airplanes for help in an emergency


It’s no secret: clowns are required by international law to have huge, brightly colored hair. But did you know that it’s also a law of nature? Yep, it’s true. If you see a goofy clown playing around in a big, orange, floppy-haired wig, and then take it off, they immediately cease to be a clown. Even if they still have all their other makeup and costume stuff on, without the hair, they just transform back into a bank teller, mechanic, neurosurgeon, or whatever their regular job is. So, what happens if someone who is a professional full-time clown loses their wig? Simple, they don’t! A true clown never takes off their wig, and when you’ve got this Orange Afro Clown Wig, you don’t have to either. This fun, bright orange synthetic fiber wig is an excellent way to practice staying in character if you’re thinking of joining the clown ranks. Or, if you’re already a seasoned pro, it makes a trusty backup for when your regular wig is in the shop!