Men’s Plus Size Executioner Costume

Take your job seriously in our Men’s Plus Size Executioner Costume! ONly the best executioners wear this one! Available in 2X.


So you’re an executioner who beheads people for a living!But that doesn’t have to define you! Listen, we’ve all had jobs that have threatened to overshadow our individuality! Just because you kill hundreds of people a year for crimes they may or may not have committed doesn’t mean you’re not also a well-rounded person who appreciates a wide variety of hobbies and interests. You work to play, not play to work! Sure, during the day you wield a battle axe and sever the heads of traitors, ex-wives, and potential heirs to the throne at the pleasure of the king, but at night you love to pop a bottle of good red wine, request “Greensleeves” from the local band of minstrels, and talk long into the night with an intelligent, well-read, and witty companion. When it’s your day off, you enjoy taking your horse-drawn cart to any and all surrounding town festivals and trying the local fare, and when those two weeks of vacation are due, you can often be found traveling around wine country or touring French chateaus.The point is, you know how to have a great work/life balance. When it’s time for life, you’re a cultured, well-mannered, soft-spoken gentleman; when it’s time for work, you’re a menacing figure of terror and fear! The only time those bleed (geddit?) into each other is when you wear this Men’s Plus Size Executioner Costume! It’s dark and forbidding enough to justly fit your role as the royal beheader, but it also features first-class touches like silver-tone metal studs on the hooded cowl and faux-leather cuffs, and a silver-tone metal buckle on the faux leather belt. Add boots and a toy battle axe to complete the look, and heads will roll…over how great you look!