Men’s Missile Popsicle Costume

The Men’s Missile Popsicle Costume is sure to be a fun hit on Halloween.

Items Included
  • Tunic
  • 100% polyester, polyurethane foam
  • Hand wash, line dry
  • Pullover tunic has attached felt popsicle stick


Cool It, Man!We all look forward to summer. Summer is great. Then true summer heat rolls around and we can’t stand it. It’s like our brains get fried. You get sleepy from a day spent swimming in a lake or working in a garden or practicing throwing the baton in a football field. And then, when you take a nap, it’s like you can’t wake up. You get up, expecting to feel refreshed and it’s like your head is full of golf balls and your legs are al dente ziti noodles. Now, there are a few things you can do. You can take a cold shower. You can rest your head in the freezer for a few minutes. But the best thing you can do is get yourself a nice big popsicle. And the biggest, bestest popsicle out there? The red, white, and blue Missle popsicle. One might even say that this giant popsicle is a reliable hot weather hero!Product DetailsEasy, cool, and fast applies to the Missle popsicle as well as this costume. If you’re looking for a fun, summertime costume, the missile tunic is a great way to go. The photorealistic exterior is sure to make people crave a sweet, icy treat. Perfect for parades, promotions, and impromptu parties, you can wear your own clothes underneath so that you stay comfortable in style.Icy YouDo you want to be seen as soon as you wander onto the scene? The bright colors of this costume will make sure your look pops in any crowd. So whether you’re handing out ice cream and water at a fundraiser or you’re simply goofing off at a hot weather bash, you’ll know your look is a refreshing one. Summertime memories are always cheerful, make yourself a part of it like the hot weather hero you always knew you were!