Men’s Batman Logo Black T-Shirt: Iconic DC Comics Tee

The Men’s Batman Logo Black T-Shirt will have you lurking through the night and cleaning the streets of crime!


The BatsuitHave you seen Batman’s suit? That thing is bonkers. It has computer systems integrated into each limb. It has flexible bullet resistant armor padding and is constructed from carbon nanotube fibers. It has hidden compartments to store some of his gadgets. The cowl even has advanced scanners, shifting lenses, and analytical systems. The suit alone probably costs millions of dollars to construct!That’s all fine and good if you’re a billionaire playboy heading out to lay the hurt on Gotham City’s most dangerous criminals, but if you’re just trying to look like Batman for a costume party, then you might want something a little more practical. Introducing this Batman costume t-shirt!Product DetailsThis simple Batman t-shirt helps you get a casual cosplay version of your favorite superhero. The t-shirt has the most iconic feature of Batman’s suit, the yellow symbol. It’s a comfortable crew neck style, perfect for everyday wear. You can also use it to craft a quick and easy Batman costume, simply by adding a mask and a pair of Batman gloves to the look.Batman Made EasyWhether you need an easy way to dress up as Batman for your office costume party or you just need a Batman t-shirt for Batman burrito Thursday, this t-shirt should do the trick quite nicely.