Light Pink Tulle Petticoat

Add flare to your cupcake or ballerina costume with this dazzling Light Pink Tulle Petticoat. It’s a simple and affordable way to give life to a droopy dress or skirt. This petticoat also comes in plus sizes.


Have your costumes in the past fallen a little flat? Both literally and figuratively? Maybe it’s just missing that little something special to take it to the next level. We won’t go all ‘infomercial’ on you, but we do think that a petticoat can be just the answer you’re looking for!If you want to put on your Light Pink Tulle Petticoat, play some classic music, and pretend you’re a ballet dancer, that’s totally fine with us. We won’t tell a soul, but we may tweet about it!Just kidding! We think a petticoat is a perfect complement to any Halloween costume or for your play or dance costume. This deluxe pink tulle petticoat is a great way to give a little volume to a skirt or dress and it can simultaneously provide some added coverage if your costume is a little short in the length department. At such an affordable price, it makes the perfect addition to any look!