Lego Movie 2: Sweet Mayhem Girls Union Suit

Are you sweet but tough? If so, this Lego Movie 2 Sweet Mayhem Girls Union Suit will be perfect for any night!

Items Included
  • Union Suit
  • 100% soft polyester union suit
  • Zipper down center front
  • Hood attached
  • Officially licensed


Small ConcernsHave you been fussing about how Lego Minifigures sleep? As a child, you’d simply lay them on a brick-built couch and call it naptime. As an adult, it’s a little harder to wrap your mind around, especially now that you have a Lego-obsessed kid of your own.Your kid’s favorite Minifigure is Sweet Mayhem. The superhero meets knight meets pop-star persona is hard to dislike, so you totally get it. But when your kid said they wanted to be Sweet Mayhem for Halloween and vowed to eat, breathe, and sleep in the costume, you became a little concerned about the sleeping part. Sweet Mayhem’s uniform looks easy enough to move around in while she’s zipping around on screen, however, her wings, helmet, and big boots don’t look great for relaxing.Well, worry no more! You and your kiddo will be resting easy with this Sweet Mayhem Girls Union Suit!Product DetailsInspired by Sweet Mayhem’s futuristic outfit in Lego Movie 2, your child will look as cool as the Lego character without all the cumbersome accessories. The attached hood is detailed after Sweet Mayhem’s helmet, so your child will be ready to face pillow-fighting danger without pulling on heavy-duty headwear. Whether they’re out on a Halloween adventure or lounging around the house, the open-ended legs let your kid choose the most comfortable footwear. Though the jumpsuit doesn’t have wings, the light-weight costume gives your kid the option to layer on or leave off a glittering pair of their own.No Mayhem HereWhen a costume is everything your child loves, it’s hard to keep them from wanting to wear it all the time. If that costume has wild accessories like Sweet Mayhem’s, keeping in character from sunrise to sunset can get uncomfortable. But with this officially licensed Lego Movie 2 look in your child’s closet, they’ll be ready to suit-up for a sweet Halloween and a comfortable night’s sleep without any wardrobe mayhem!