Harley Quinn Mask: Embrace the Villain’s Persona

When you are a villain, you need to keep your face concealed! This Harley Quinn Mask will look great with any Harley costume you pick out.


Every criminal mastermind has a sidekick, but in the case of Harley Quinn and The Joker, we sometimes can’t tell which of them is which! “Mistah J” has been in the supervillain game for longer than Harley, and he caused her to take up a life of crime. But Quinn learned the ropes of clown-themed criminality very quickly, and even though she would never dream of upstaging her “puddin” the henchmen know she’s just as unhinged as The Joker, and maybe even a little more clever…You’ll look ready to lead your own costumed crime wave by adding this classy Harley Quinn Mask to your outfit. This official eye mask keeps your true identity a secret, while showing everyone that even though you’re dressed like a sexy court jester, you’re not there to play games! It’s the perfect look for letting out your delightfully diabolical side!