Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Deluxe Kids Costume: Cosmic Adventure

Your child will love this Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Deluxe Costume for kids.


A Tremendous TransformationWhen we first met Groot, it was instant love for most of us. This gentle giant not only has some pretty stellar supernatural powers—with an emphasis on nature—but also had quite a way with words! So much could be packed into those three little words: I am Groot! Like many heroes, a sacrifice was his ultimate gift. Saving the Guardians of the Galaxy (and arguably the rest of the universe) was a life-giving act that we can’t forget. Fortunately, the Flora Colossi have some intense regenerative abilities. Who would have expected that a new life would come from Groot!? From Baby to Teen, we just can’t get enough of this spunky little guy. (Though when he grows up to 12-feet tall, we probably will have to stop calling him that.) Until that time, though, we’re happy to see that a bunch of new saplings get to grow and spread the fun to all corners of the galaxy! Product DetailsNo snap can hold Groot back and this Deluxe Groot costume is proof of that! Help your tyke grow into their ultimate form with this officially licensed costume from Guardians of the Galaxy. This character costume is a foam-backed jumpsuit that is printed to look like the superhero and has stiffened arms and legs to help keep the wooden illusion alive. The headpiece fastens with a hook and loop strip under the chin and features Groot’s tall wooden crown with a cutout for your kiddo’s face. (Ability to understand Groot’s language is unfortunately not included.)  Floral Fun for the FriendsWe all know there can be only one Groot. Well, kind of. With the ability to plant seedlings (and your ability to get a couple of Groot costumes), you could have the entire neighborhood filled with these gentle (miniature) giants. It’s time for some “We are Groot” fun this Halloween!