Godzilla Dog Costume

Items Included

  • Godzilla shirt
  • Attached Fake Arms Headpiece
  • 100% polyester fabric and fiberfill
  • 100% polyurethane foam
  • Officially licensed
  • Foam printed headpiece
  • Foam padded costume with arms and tail


Dogzilla the Tiny KaijuThe epic struggle between mighty doggos is eternal. Every season, a new mighty bork is heard as a rumbly tummy demands to be fed the most delicious of morsels. We humans better be prepared to give up the snacks or who knows what could happen? Okay, more than likely we’re just going to get swarmed with cuddles. Or maybe we’ll have to deal with the most deadly of furry friend powers: the sad puppy eyes. Better watch out or this King of Monsters from Doggo Island will bring the whole pack of miniature beasts!Product DetailsLive out your monster movie fantasies when you transform your furry friend into the mighty Godzilla with this pet costume. Your dogs feet step into the front of the coat and the hood fastens under their neck. Both have the scaly pattern of Godzilla’s hide as well as spiky spines along the back and the King of Monster’s eyes and teeth on top of your pup’s head. (Energy breath attacks not included, thankfully.) Leader of the PackIt might sound like a terrifying idea, having Dogzilla and the rest of the Monsters swarming around you. But, then again, that means you’d have a pack of pups all dressed up as your favorite Kaiju monsters! Sounds like a pretty great way to start a movie marathon to us!