Girls Deluxe Gamora Costume: Embrace Cosmic Warrior Chic

Your child will love dressing up as her favorite Guardians of the Galaxy character in this deluxe Gamora costume for girls.


Gamora timeEveryone, and we’re talking everyone here, seriously fan crushes Gamora. And how could you not? With the tough girl Zoe Saldana at the helm of this character in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, she’s not just a hero capable of kicking butt, she’s one alien lady who’s really worth looking up to.And if that’s mostly how your child feels about her, well, then it’s time to get your girl suited up in a Gamora costume! This deluxe Guardians of the Galaxy costume is sure to be just the thing to get her ready for all the action from the hit franchise. What kind of action is she going to get into? Is she going to save the day? The only way to find out is to get her this costume!Product DetailsThis simple jumpsuit will transform her into her favorite Guardian with no trouble. The padded jumpsuit is fully printed with all of Gamora’s outfit details, including a little bit of green skin below the neck. You can continue the effect with the included makeup kit; it comes with a tube of green cream makeup and 3 makeup pencils. Officially licensed, this costume will have her ready for all of the action, with or without the makeup effects!Assemble the squadWe’re sure any child will be ready to suit up to save the day with this deluxe Gamora child costume. Team her up with her friends dressed as the other Guardians of the Galaxy, and when you’ve got Star Lord, Drax, and Rocket ready to go, we’re sure your neighborhood is going to be seeing some serious action!