Deluxe Batman Mask: Channel the Dark Knight’s Persona

Want to give bad guys a piece of your mind, but don’t want them finding out who you are? Do it like Bruce Wayne does it by wearing a Deluxe Batman Mask.


I am BATMANWell, not yet you’re not. There are few things you are going to need. 1. The Bat-mobile. Let’s be honest Mr. Wayne would have had some issues with out one. 2. A whole lot of money. You won’t get very far with out money to buy armor, and grappling hooks. 3. Alfred Pennyworth. If you didn’t think that Batman would have succeed without money, and a car, he really would have been dead without Alfred.And, 4. A mask. You do not want the Joker knowing who you are, or even worse knowing who your loved ones are. So to stop villains from knowing your identity, wear this Deluxe Batman Mask. You will be able to fight bad guys in Gotham, all without them ever knowing who you are under the mask. However regarding numbers 1 through 3, you will have to come up with those on your own.