DC Comics Women’s Batgirl Leggings: Embrace Gotham’s Style

This pair of DC Women’s Batgirl Leggings is perfect for adding some superhero style to your everyday look.


Dun-a-dun-a-dun-a-dun-a… Batgirl leggings!Batman thinks that his suit is pretty great, and don’t get us wrong, we really like his suit too. But we also know that his suit is big, bulky, and uncomfortable for just lounging around in. That’s what makes these Batgirl leggings so alluring! You get the intimidating Batfamily style, without the annoying hassle of wearing a cowl that prevents you from turning your head and a utility belt that pokes you in the tummy with Batarangs when you sit down around the house. The batgirl leggings are great for wearing when you’re out prowling the street for bad guys or when you’re curled up on the couch chowing down on chips and reading comic books. Whatever state of functionality Barbara Gordon’s legs are in (it fluctuates), she likes an easy-to-slip-on pair of leggings after a long day of crime-fighting or a long night staring at the computer screen, and Batman, Inc., is ready to pass that comfort on to you. While hers might be a propriety WayneTech smart fabric, that proved a little cost-prohibitive to mass produce, but we promise, no comfort has been lost in replication.These officially licensed DC Batgirl leggings for women are made from a mix of polyester and spandex. The infamous symbol is plastered all over these leggings so everyone will know that you’re a true fan. Plus, with the stretchy elastic waistband, you’ll never want to take them off. Wear them with your favorite DC sweatshirt or wear them as part of a costume!