Chaney Entertainment The Wolf Man Mask for Adults

The great Universal Monsters will always be classics. This Chaney Entertainment The Wolf Man Mask is no different. Chaney is the son of a Hollywood legend and did his best to follow in the old man’s footsteps.


C’mon Moon!The moon doesn’t always want to cooperate, does it? You’re trying to put your best paw forward for the costume party, but wouldn’t you know it, the moon isn’t going to be full! How are you going to showcase your suave werewolf style if you have to rely on the moon every time you want to go full-wolf mode? Well, we think we have a solution for all you werewolves who need to make that transformation even when the moon isn’t full. It all starts with this spectacular Chaney Entertainment “The Wolf Man” Mask. It’s the easiest way to transform into a vicious monster!Product DetailsThis realistic mask is inspired by classic depictions of The Wolf Man. It has molded features in front, including sharp canine fangs, wrinkled skin, and a pudgy, wolf-like nose. It also features a layer of faux fur surrounding the entire face to help give you an authentic werewolf look. It has molded ears on each side of the mask. Just put it on and it won’t even matter whether the moon is full or not! Heck, you can even wear it if you’re not a werewolf to look like the one and only Wolf Man.