Captain America’s 12″ Shield: Hero’s Iconic Defensive Gear

You can’t go out on Halloween without your trusty Captain America 12 Inch Shield. It’s the ultimate addition to your Captain America costume!


Get this Man a ShieldDon’t be reckless. Captain America isn’t. He always goes into battle with a game plan, even when the odds are stacked against him. Even when he’s putting himself into harm’s way, he’s got a plan figured out. That’s also why he always carries around his shield with him!That vibranium alloy shield has saved his butt on more than one occasion and we’d definitely like to get our hands on one of our own. Wouldn’t you? Well, that’s a little easier said than done. The only one known in existence is kind of hard to come by, but we have found an alternative that at least looks like the real deal.Product DetailsThis Captain America shield has a 12” diameter and is made of molded plastic. It has the classic red, silver, and blue patterning, just like in the Avengers movies. Now, it won’t actually block any attacks from a supervillain, but it does feel pretty good resting on your arm!It’s Still Not Smart to Fight ThanosYou might not want to pick any fights with Thanos when you have this shield, but you will be ready to cosplay as your favorite Marvel superhero! Make sure to check out our licensed costumes to complete your transformation into Cap.