Black & White Court Jester Plush Hat

Make sure your king and his noble people are entertained when you put on this Court Jester Plush Hat Black & White.


All Kinds of HumorJesters are an interesting character type. They can be all about slapstick and physical humor. Others are more about riddles and even have wise tidbits to share with their audience. But there is also the horror genre jester, whose jokes and maniacal humor are a danger to everyone around them. Take Harley Quinn, for instance, or even her companion The Joker. He might not wear a typical jester outfit, but he’s got the same vibes. There’s a lot of room for creativity in a jester’s costume! You’ll have a solid foundation piece in this Court Jester Plush Hat Black & White.Product DetailsThis black and white take on a jester hat is structured in the classic style of a historical “fool’s cap.” The hat has three offshoots, striped in black and white with some red lining. Each is shaped with foam and tipped with a small bell. Everyone will be able to hear your approach! The hat also features a diamond pattern around the base. On the inside, there is a size adjuster, so you can find the fit that most suits you. Are you going full slapstick? Or will your makeup be gory? It’s up to you!