Battery & Jumper Cables Couple’s Costume for Adults

Go ahead and give her a jump… you know what I mean. This Adult Battery & Jumper Cables Couple’s Costume is a fun way to go out together.

Items Included
  • Tunic w/ Attached Jumper Cable Mitts
  • Battery-Shaped Halter Top
  • 100% polyester fabric, 100% polyurethane foam
  • Tunic has foam front panel w/ printed graphics, solid-color fabric back panel
  • Tunic has mitts attached via stuffed tubes; mitts are shaped like jumper cable clips
  • Halter top has 3D foam front panel & foam neck strap
  • Halter has fabric back panel w/ elastic top edge


perfect pairIn the vast world of handy domestic tools, you’d be hard pressed to find two things more perfectly designed for each other than the battery and the jumper cable. Without each other, a battery and a set of jumper cables are just spare parts in separate bins; but if you put them together, magic happens just when you need a spark! It sounds sappy, we know, but when you and your sweetie are wearing this cute Battery and Jumper Cables Costume together, you’ll feel that magic too!product detailsThe tunic and halter top each have foam front panels with printed graphics that make your pair obvious to the rest of the costumed occasion. You and your special someone can wear these polyester and foam costumes to show everyone how perfectly you go together! Or, you can wear them to an auto mechanics convention with lost looks on your faces and see how many awkward looks you can get from people. If that sounds like fun, then you two really are made for each other!thought exerciseNow that we mentioned it, what would be a more iconic duo? The hammer and nail? The plug and socket? Nah, we like us the best.