Batman Deluxe Toddler Costume: Outfit Your Little Hero

Dress your little superhero in this Deluxe Batman Toddler Costume. This costume features a more modern Batman look with padded muscles.


Bruce Wayne didn’t just transform into Gotham City’s greatest superhero overnight. It took him many years of training before he started taking on all the bad guys running through the city. Not only did he perfect his body by pumping iron in the gym, but he honed his mind by studying hard and sharpening his detective skills. In other words, it’s never too early to start training for a life of heroism, so why not start preparing your tot for the future by getting him a superhero outfit to train in now?With this deluxe toddler Batman costume, your little guy can begin the long journey to becoming a crime fighting superhero! It’s based on the classic look from the DC comics character and comes with a full-body jumpsuit. The front of the costume has muscle padding in the chest and arms to give your toddler a buff look. The front even has sculpted abs and a cool Bat-symbol on the front. It also has scalloped bracers attached to each sleeve for added effect. The Batman mask is included as well, which will help your child hide his secret identity from his foes. All of the pieces combine for a look that’ll have your child looking like he jumped out of a comic book.When your child is all dressed up as the Dark Knight, he’ll be ready for some intense training to become the bravest superhero ever known… or at the very least, he’ll be ready for a round of trick or treating around the block.