Adult S’Mores Costume

Get your best friends together to complete this tasty treat of a group costume! You’ll be a hit in the Adult S’Mores Costume.

Items Included
  • Chocolate Bar Tunic
  • Marshmallow Tunic
  • Graham Cracker Tunic
  • 100% polyester fabric, 100% polyurethane foam
  • Foam-backed fabric holds shape
  • Printed graphics


smoke Gets In your eyesYou and your friends know how to have a good time. Your get-togethers are always memorable. It might even make you feel a little choked up to look back on them, the memories are almost like a montage from a movie. There are the times you’ve spent playing volleyball on cloudless days. There were nights spent riding bikes around town as fireflies buzzed around the night sky. You all even had a night when you and your friends rented a limo in Vegas, hollering out of the sunroof at the neon lights. But nothing could ever beat what you and your friends have been doing since you guys were little, sitting around the campfire, trading stories, and making S’mores. Now, that’s a memory that no one ever forgets. Want a great group costume this Halloween that represents you and your crew? Do the holiday right and celebrate your picturesque past with this charming group ensemble!Product DetailsThese delicious looking tunics will be a favorite group look with anyone who’s ever enjoyed a campfire. Just like making a S’More, this costume is quick, fun, and easy. The tunics simply slip over your shoulders so you and your friends can transform in an instant. The photo-realistic looks are sure to make any onlookers crave a sweet treat!All Fired UpAre you getting everyone excited for a scouts trip? Or maybe you and your friends need something special for a summer camp event. This group ensemble us even great for a 4th of July parade! With a graham cracker, chocolate, and a perfectly toasted marshmallow, it’s sure to be a hit. And we have to believe that dressing up in this costume is good for any friend group. Why? Isn’t is obvious? Once you and your friends dress as a S’More, you’ll stick together forever!