Adult Red Superhero Gloves: Perfect Your Heroic Ensemble

These Adult Red Superhero Gloves look great with all your superhero costumes!


We like to dress up as superheroes, but we can’t get too specific since we’re just here to talk about our Adult Red Superhero Gloves. And that’s okay, because we usually don’t get to mention the perks of dressing up like a superhero of your own invention. Sure, you could buy some other hero’s suit with ready-made garments and accessories. But you could also come up with an origin story of your own, and assemble your own unique ensemble from pieces like this!Maybe they pulled you from the wreck of a New England trawler three days after your boat capsized at sea. Somehow, for some reason, the local shellfish banded together to save your life: now you call yourself Lobsterio Supreme. Maybe you were born without nerve endings in your fingertips, and now you’re The Hot Hand: able to remove scalding soup from the microwave without screaming and spilling it everywhere, like we usually do. No matter what you come up with, this bright red pair of gloves has your name on it, so to speak.