Women’s Sea Siren Plus Size Costume

Transform into a beautiful sea creature in this women’s sea siren plus size costume dress. Available in 1X and 2X.


Gather ’round children. We are going to tell you the nautical lore about elusive sea sirens. Spoilers: it’s nothing like the classic cartoon movie you grew up watching. Continue reading at your own discretion. You have been warned…Being half fish and half human was not always thought of as fanciful. In fact, millions of years ago, humans and sea sirens were at war with one another. Merpeople tried to ban humans from fishing in certain locations in an attempt to protect their finned brethren. Of course, our ancestors did not tolerate their insolence and decided to wage war with the mythical beings. Sea sirens yanked soldiers from ships and dragged them to the dark depths of the ocean. They would also work together forming massive waves to smash barges into one another, wiping out hundreds of their combatants. Eventually, humans prevailed in the end, using their modern tactics to exile the sea sirens. They hauled them to the black corners of the sea, forbidding mermaids from ever seeing the light of day again, which explains why many continue to dispute their existence to this very day.We’ve spoken to a historian who is an authority on the Mermaid Wars and he was able to give us an idea of what mermaid warriors looked like back then. Our designers worked day and night to recreate a costume that best depicts the mythological species’ attire. Our women’s sea siren costume is modeled after the historian’s explanation. You’ll be draped in sea foam colored sequins, gold wrist cuffs, a matching belt, and a jeweled headpiece. You’ll look legendary once you complete your transformation into sea siren royalty!