Women’s Plus Size Ravishing Snow White Costume

All the forest creatures will be singing when they see you in this Women’s Plus Size Ravishing Snow White Costume! This costume features the dress and red bow headband! Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.


GODDESS OF THE DWARVESOne thing has always struck us as a little odd about the story of Snow White.  You’ve got this powerful witch with a ton of different magical spells, a hyper-clairvoyant mirror as a friend, and (to top off everything else) she’s a literal queen.  Why the heck was she so worried about Snow White being prettier!?  Sure, vanity can go a long way to driving a person down the road of evil, but she wasn’t dumb!  How would turning into a hag help her win over Snow?Clearly, it wasn’t just about being the #1 beauty.  It must have been about charming the dwarves.  Whosoever had the dwarves’ admiration would naturally get the best of the diamonds and other treasures they were mining up from the depths.  That must have been what the Evil Queen was after!Which means…!  Clearly, Snow White, now the champion of the dwarves, is also in command of the best treasure the Enchanted Forest has to offer.  Time for an upgrade!DESIGN & DETAILSGo from woodland lovely and skip right over enchanted queen to land on storybook goddess with this Ravishing Snow White Costume.  Our in-house designers were taken off Cinderella’s latest gown to make sure that this exclusive look had top priority.  This dress features a brilliant blue bodice with puffy sleeves and a scoop neckline with golden trim for that extra ornate look.  (Dwarven gold has to go somewhere, after all!)  The rich yellow skirt has a low-high style and is trimmed in white lace.  Finish off the look with a red velvet headband and practice that dwarf-charming wink!SNOW AND DIAMONDSThere’s a certain kind of perfect metaphor in Snow White’s name and her best buddies mining up diamonds.  Those shining bits of “ice” are a great way for the seven dwarves to show their adoration for their beloved goddess among men.  No wonder why the Evil Queen is jealous!  Prove you deserve everything with this Ravishing Snow White look.