The Adult Instant Camera Costume

Capture every moment with the Adult Instant Camera Costume. Never miss a memory with this instant camera costume.

Items Included
  • Camera Tunic
  • 100% polyester
  • Foam for fullness
  • Back is black w/ no print


A Real Life PhotoThere’s something magical about the instant camera. In an age where you can take a photo anywhere on your cellphone, there is something special about a camera that instantly prints your photo into real, physical existence. While the techy camera’s popularity has risen and fallen over the years, it continues to delight young and old photography lovers. The instant camera is having a moment right now, particularly in Asian countries. The times may change, but people will always love to take photos and swap them! Celebrate over 20 years of instant film culture with this Adult Instant Camera Costume.Product DetailsThis costume is made out of a simple tunic design. A little foam helps the camera keep its shape. All you have to do is put your arms through the provided side holes and your head through the top one. That’s it! You’re now officially a Retromatic instant camera. The fun part of this costume is all of the 3D decorations on the front. The lens and buttons stick out of the tunic, and the bottom of the suit shows that a photo is beginning to print itself. With all of these fun details, the rest of the costume is easy! Just dress comfortably in neutral colors, and you’re ready for the evening.It’s All About the MemoriesSure, it’s fun to watch a little machine print pictures before your eyes. But part of the magic of pictures is the memories that go with them. Photos remind their owners of times past. Want to put that theory to the test? Go full meta by bringing along your own, functioning instant camera. It would be the perfect way to take pictures with people all night long! Then you’ll have pictures and memories that will last forever.