Spiderman Far From Home Child Deluxe Lenticular Mask

This is the costume that makes an appearance in the new Spider-Man Far from Home movie, wear the mask Spider-man wears!


It’s a SecretIt’s a well-known superhero rule. You got to protect your secret identity. If you don’t then, supervillains will show up at your doorstep, looking to cause trouble. J. Jonah Jameson will try to write a bad story about you in the newspapers. Green Goblin might try to kidnap your best friend. It’s just a good idea to make sure no one knows who’s under the mask. It’s why Spider-Man wears a mask when he’s doing his superhero business!If your child is planning on jumping into the superhero game, then it’s time to keep their secret identity… well, a secret! This officially licensed Spider-Man Far From Home Child Mask is the perfect way to do it!Product DetailsThis Spider-Man mask is inspired by the Far From Home movie and features the classic spider-web designs. The eyes feature a lenticular, animated style and feature mesh coverings for vision. One size fits most kids and it works great with just about any Spider-Man costume.Ready to be Spidey!If your child is ready to be a superhero, then they’re ready to don the mask of Spider-Man! It’s a quick and easy way for your child to become their favorite Marvel hero.