Plus Size Womens Funky Punk Bones

Feel it to the bone with this Womens Plus Size Funky Punk Bones costume. Bring some color to the bones.


Blah Blah BonesOk, we have a confession to make. Sometimes, skeletons are boring. We’ve seen them hundreds, if not thousands of times, especially when Halloween rolls around. But there’s a reason they are so popular! They can be spooky or silly, disgusting or cute. You can do a lot with bones, and every time we think we’re bored of them, something new comes along. Want to stay classic but add a fresh twist to this fan favorite? Then check out this Womens Plus Size Funky Punk Bones costume! Its colorful approach might be just the change you need.Product DetailsThis rainbow skeleton is obviously here to party! The skirt and top are actually a dress, though they look separate. The short sleeved top features a yellow, pink, and blue rib cage and spine, while the skirt is made of tulle in different colors. The black leggings continue the colorful theme with multicolored leg bones, as do the included arm covers. Want even more color? Add sparkling heels, dramatic makeup, or a colored wig to make this skeletal ensemble even brighter. Party Lover to the BoneWhatever your plans this Halloween, we think this colorful ensemble is a great addition to the festivities. It will look great on the dance floor or in the neighborhood, if you are taking kids trick or treating. We don’t have to look hard to tell that this skeleton was made to have a good time! So get those bones moving, and enjoy the holiday!