Plus Size Men’s Classic Mad Hatter Costume

It’s time for tea, and we all love a little mad time around here. So put on this Plus Size Men’s Classic Mad Hatter Costume, and let the magical times, with some unique friends begin.

Items Included
  • Jacket w/ Attached Vest
  • Pants
  • Hat
  • Bow Tie
  • 100% polyester
  • Frock coat jacket has ribbon edging, decorative metal buttons
  • Jacket has sewn-in brocade vest panels that fasten w/ metal buttons
  • Pants have elastic back waistband, false front fly
  • Satin bow tie has elastic neck band
  • Foam-backed hat has wire in brim edge for shape
  • Exclusive


Fashion to a TeaSome people might enjoy wearing hats, but they stick to clichés like baseball hats, winter hats or maybe the occasional oversized Kentucky Derby hat. (It’s ironic!) At their wildest, they might expand their hat experience to a wizard hat or a crown if they’re dressing up for a costume party. But they have no idea the true breadth and width of the hatting world… unlike you! You know every type of hat there is, from pork pie hats to Panama hats, ayams, Balmoral bonnets, Capotains, and deerstalkers. You know the difference between a fedora and a trilby, and the difference between a cowboy hat and an Akubra (that’s an Austrlian outback hat, for those who don’t know!).It comes as no surprise, then, that you plan on dressing up like the Mad Hatter for your next costume party. After all, you already have plenty of hats in your closet to choose from. Or you could wear them all at once! You could never have too many hats, after all! But you still need the rest of the costume, and that’s where we can help!Product DetailsGo a little mad at your next costume party with this Plus Size Men’s Classic Mad Hatter Costume. The exclusive costume comes with a jacket, pants, bow tie and hat. The yellow frock coat jacket is 100 percent polyester and has ribbon edging and decorative metal buttons. The jacket has sewn-in blue brocade vest panels that fasten with metal buttons, and there’s a blue satin bow tie with an elastic neck band to complete the ensemble. There’s also green-and-white striped polyester pants that have a false front fly and an elastic back waistband for comfy fit. Finally, no Mad Hatter can really call himself a Hatter without a fashionable and impressive hat! Even though you may already have 435 hats, just to be safe, this costume comes with a beautiful green foam-backed top hat with a blue satin ribbon.A-head of the GameWhen you show up at your next costume party in this stylish Classic Mad Hatter Costume, you are guaranteed to stand a head (and hat) and shoulders above the rest of the crowd!