Plus Size Deluxe Black Hot Pants for Women

This pair of Plus Size Deluxe Black Hot Pants for women will add extra coverage under any short skirt.


Before we set out to make these hot pants, we really want to find the reason that they retain the name “hot pants.” We originally thought it had something to do with the actual temperature of the fabric, but we found that not to be the case. Hot pants are generally made out of normal fabric that is of normal temperature. We never did find the true answer, but we decided to make the hot pants anyways, since hot pants are awesome and they look great with plenty of costumes!These plus size deluxe black hot pants are here! Made from a stretchy polyester material, these little shorts will hug your curves with style. They go well with any number of costumes, giving you the kind of coverage that you need. Just pair them with one of our sexy costumes, which come in styles like pirate, vampire or witch, and you’ll be ready to hit up your next costume party!