Plus Size Dames Like Us Flapper Costume

Put the swing into your step with this sexy plus size Dames Like Us flapper costume. The womens dress has the Roaring 20s style that keeps any party feeling like a blast from the past. Available in 1X/2X and 3X/4X.


There are some times in history that we would like to visit. But, if we had a time machine we would definitely go back to about three minutes ago when we spilled our coffee on our new white shirt. But you, you could go any where, like the roaring 20s.The flapper days always look so fun. It seems like the first time women really had any freedom to be themselves. They talked with the kind of sass that we only wish we had. And they were the same women who demanded our right to vote. And because they were such awesome women they got it. And they also dance the Charleston. Admit it, it just looks fun.Well, if this year you finally figure out time travel, well 1. give us a call—we still have that coffee stain, and 2. put on this Plus Size Dames Like Us Flapper Costume, and get ready to demand our right to vote. You’ll be wearing this classic flapper dress, complete with flippy, flappy fringe. But don’t fear if you don’t figure out time travel, you can still wear this fantastic costume to any Halloween party. You will still be the life of any party—and bonus points, because you will still be able to vote even if you don’t demand the right with those awesome women in 1920.