Plus Size Classic Plague Doctor Costume

Go back to the time of the plague in the Plus Size Classic Plague Doctor Costume. This will be the perfect scary for this year’s costume party.


Resorting to Medieval MethodsYou’ve seen the signs. The time is nigh. Yea, though you have prepared thyself with hand sanitizer and nose tissues, flu season is upon your office. It only takes one weak link to walk into the office with a hoarse throat and succumb to a fit of sneezing to spread the pestilence and plague among the people. And while you may partake in preventative measures such as Airborne and Vitamin C supplements, it’s only a matter of time before it takes you down too! Unless that is, you resort to medieval methods. Now, we’re not suggesting that you head out and buy some leeches to balance out your humors. And storing the Philosopher’s Egg at your desk might stink up the office. And while wearing necklaces of garlic might be handy for lunch, it won’t do much for your popularity. Instead, why don’t you do as the medieval doctors did and avoid the fluish miasma until flu season is over!Details & DesignThis high-quality Plague Doctor ensemble was created by our in-house design team. Inspired by the plague mask that once held fragrant herbs to keep disease at bay, care was taken to give this costume’s mask structure. It has a modern twist with a wet-look faux leather that makes up the hood and an eerie white faux leather mask. The layered capelet gives this costume an official touch while little details like the gloves and cross necklace add finesse to your macabre ensemble. A Baroque Bedside MannerPlague doctors may have had rather dark uniforms but it was for good reason. They thought their waxed coarse cloth robes and beaks were preventing them from catching the disease. The stick they carried allowed them to examine their patients without getting too close. Sure, it wasn’t a great way to treat your patients but it might just be the way to go when your coworkers start getting the sniffles this winter!