Magnificent Matador Plus Size Women’s Costume

Enter the ring in this exclusive Magnificent Matador Plus Size Women’s Costume. It has everything you need to look like an true torero. Available in 1X and 2X.


The crowd is loud, deafening as you wait behind the gates, adjusting your dashing red cape just so. You’ve been training for this night a long time. Now is the time you find out, do you have it in you? You take a deep breath and throw open the doors. A hush comes over the throng the was raucous only moments before, everyone is looking at you. Somewhere, in an unseen corner, a deft hand plucks a tune on a Spanish guitar. You don’t know how you ever doubted yourself. If you’ve ever been ready for anything you’re ready to rock this party! No bull. The matador has been long admired for having the best uniform in sporting history. Sure, tight pants are the norm for football and baseball players but bullfighters were the ones who set the sporting look on the right track. Plus, what other sport uses gold cording with such abandon? That’s right, no one compares! Now, whether or not you agree with the controversial practice of bullfighting you can wear the centuries old fashion uniform. The snazzy bolero jacket is named for the bullfighter’s cropped blazer, they invented the high waisted pant, and the cape is literally part of their uniform. Oh yeah, and who else can pull off a hat shaped like a cartoony cloud these days? Yeah, no one but bullfighters.  Our suggestion, skip the running of the bulls this year and simply slip on this ensemble. No animal cruelty required. If you miss that element of danger, we’re sure you can find a pal to attend the costume party by your side as the bull. The brave matador and the irritable bovine, getting along together at last! That way, with all the pride and fashionable zeal of a bullfighter, you can conquer Halloween!