Kid’s The Android Morphsuit Costume

Your child can become a sophisticated robot in this Kid’s The Android Morphsuit!

Items Included
  • Morphsuit
  • 87% polyester and 13% spandex
  • Bodysuit stretches to fit and has zipper in back
  • Covers entire body, including head, hands and feet
  • Mask is designed with material that allows you to see through while wearing


Every time one of our friends gives birth, we politely offer our congratulations in accordance with standard social protocol. Of course we’re pleased that the photos proudly herald the arrival of a normal miniature human who looks as happy and healthy as his or her parents. But we would be just as excited if somebody handed us a picture revealing the sleek polymers and shiny alloys of a newly-assembled android exterior!We wouldn’t care less about the robobaby’s level of artificial intelligence, or the likelihood that it was the harbinger of a terrifying robot apocalypse. No matter what, we’re positive that we could teach it to embrace the wonderful illogic of organic emotion the same way we did: by watching heartwarming cat videos on the internet! We’re a little biased, since we’ve always wanted a pint-sized automaton pal. And not just because we’re convinced that it would find a way to make the joints of our loosy-goosy human bodies replicate its own articulate servo-driven dance moves!If you’ve been blessed with a human child who would enjoy wearing this Kid’s The Android Morphsuit, our blissful dreams of tomorrow could become your reality virtually overnight. Just input the command, and we’ll transfer one of these stretchy synthetic skinsuits directly to your mailbox or habitation module! Whether it’s for an exceptional occasion or routine imaginative play sequences, zipping your child into this futuristic outfit is a great way to say I love you to bits, or 00111100 00110011!