Fingerlings Girls Deluxe Bella Costume

Your girl will love the Fingerlings Girls Deluxe Bella Costume.

Items Included
  • Hooded Jumpsuit W/ Tail
  • 100% super soft polyester jumpsuit
  • Hook and loop fastener on the back
  • Attached hood has embroidered facial features and attached faux hair


Grab Onto This!Remember Tamagotchi and the Poo-Chi robot dogs from the 90s? The responsive toys seemed so high-tech! They were all the rage, and every kid wanted one. These finger-grabbing, sound and touch sensitive little Fingerlings from WowWee give us some seriously rad retro vibes! Even though they weren’t released until 2017, Fingerlings have an old school spirit of fun, and we are totally here for it. Do you have a Fingerlings collector in your house? This Halloween, deck them out as one of the “original 6” collection in a Fingerlings Girls Deluxe Bella Costume!Product DetailsBella is a Fingerlings Monkey, so of course she has a fantastic, hot pink tail that curls up the back of the suit. The front has a pale, teardrop shaped tummy. Meanwhile, the hood has all of the cute facial details of Bella, from her big brown eyes to the tuft of yellow hair at the top. Styled like a onesie, this bright costume is cozy and soft, making it perfect for walking around outside during the October holiday. Throw on some pink or brown shoes, and this Fingerling is ready to start their candy hunt! More than 40 ReactionsWith a few blinks, burps, and giggles, your child will instantly become their prized toy. (If they can, you know, toot on command…well, we’re impressed!) They can even add a few moves of their own! Make up a dance routine, or sing a special song. Tech toys are awesome, but they can’t express imagination as well as a child. So, fasten up the suit, grab a favorite Fingerling (or five), and get ready for a fun Halloween filled with laughter and sweets. Good thing Fingerlings don’t get hungry like the Tamagotchi did, because we don’t want to share our sugar haul!