Beeper Costume Adult

Dress as everyone’s least favorite obsolete technology in this Adult Beeper Costume. This retro pager costume is teal with a yellow display and will provide plenty of laughs.

Items Included
  • Tunic
  • 100% polyester, polyurethane foam
  • Beeper graphics on the front
  • One size fits most


The Communicative BeepWhat’s a beeper, you might be asking? Well, you under 30-somethings, the beeper is also known as a pager. This messaging device has been largely abandoned thanks to modern cellphones, but older folks will remember how totally rad pagers were in the 80s and 90s. The ability to send or receive a message—or even do both—across distances, and with no cords in sight? The pager was a game changer! Now, you can commemorate this exciting time in history with this Adult Beeper Costume. Keep your phones in your pockets, folks, because we’re stepping back in time! Product DetailsThis human sized pager is a blue green rectangle and keeps its shape with the help of some foam padding. It’s also a step above the lowliest beeper, because you’ve got a screen! The screen says “hello” in the classic, digital clock font on a yellow green background. Feeling nostalgic yet? Just wait til you pull this over your head and put your arms through the provided holes! Please note that people may want to come up and push your buttons. Looks like you have a few to choose from! But don’t worry, the beeping is optional, because that noise is up to you. Paving the WayWe’re so used to having the world in our palm. Today, you can Google search, play games, and message your friends via different apps, all with just your fingertips. We forget where this journey started—with a simple “beep.” It may seem like a humble beginning now, but back then, it was revolutionary. Even today, they are so reliable that emergency services still use them over cellphones. That seems pretty heroic! The pager is worth honoring, so get ready to beep boop your way through your next costume party!