Adult Yellow Highlighter Costume

Make a statement and highlight your point in this full body Adult Yellow Highlighter Costume. Guaranteed to get the right attention!

Items Included
  • Hooded Tunic
  • 100% polyester fabric, 100% polyurethane foam
  • Sleeveless pullover tunic has foam front panel, fabric back panel
  • Top of hood can be stuffed w/ tissue or fiberfill if desired, to hold shape
  • Printed graphics on front panel


never ignoredHave you ever been at a party and you just can’t get a word in edgewise? Maybe all the guys are talking about football and won’t entertain your non sequiturs or your story about the animal you saw in the middle of the city this week. Your non sequiturs are great! And we want to know which animal you saw in the city! In service of helping you speak your mind like you deserve, might we suggest this Yellow Highlighter Costume? No one could ignore all that brightness emanating from your person.product detailsIf we’ve at all highlighted a dilemma you face now and then, you’ve gotta see this. It’s an all-polyester sleeveless pullover tunic with a foam front panel and fabric back panel. Printed graphics on the front highlight exactly what you are this costume season. with great power……comes great responsibility. How will you wield your newfound ability to steal the spotlight in any social situation? Will you command everyone’s attention to extol the virtues of your favorite party favor? Will you use your platform to promote awareness of your favorite social issues? Whatever it is, it’s all possible — nay, likely — in this fun highlighter costume!