Wonder Woman Wings Dress Costume for Women: Celebrate in Style

Take your superhero game to the next level with our exclusive, officially licensed Wonder Woman Deluxe Women’s Costume.


Heroic HeritageWonder Woman is fierce. But, then again, she spent centuries training under her mother, Hippolyta, the most battle-hardened Amazon warrior that ever lived, so… like mother like daughter! She also inherited some pretty stellar superpowers from her dad, Zeus. Super strength, super agility, and a right hook that could shatter a mountain into pieces—it’s safe to say that she’s the kind of woman that villain doesn’t want to cross.Maybe your mom isn’t Hippolyta, even if she is pretty fierce. And perhaps your dad isn’t exactly Zeus, but you can still carry on the Wonder Woman title if you have a clear affinity for justice, a strong sense of empathy, and, of course, a really rad costume to wear while you fight off supervillains!Product DetailsThis Women’s Wonder Woman Deluxe Costume is based on her iconic outfit seen in the DC universe movies! It starts with a romper that fits with a zipper in the side seam. The shoulder straps are clear and length adjustable to help you adjust the fit. The romper has plenty of printed details and metallic-colored armor pieces to help recreate her red, blue, and gold armor. The gold belt cinches around the waist and the matching wrist cuffs might not actually let you deflect bullets, but they will have you feeling ready for superheroic feats! The armband fits around your bicep and the boot tops are designed to fit over many different shoes, so you can wear your favorite pair of boots with this cosplay superhero costume for women.Bring Your SwordWhether you’re parents are legendary warriors and gods, or if they’re just a couple of normal folks, you’ll still feel like a true superhero when you wear this officially licensed costume from DC. We recommend accessorizing with a sword and shield. You’ll need them if you plan on doing battle with the supervillains!