Wonder Woman Tiara Accessory: Add Elegance to Your Heroic Style

Make your Wonder Woman costume sparkle and shine! This Wonder Woman Tiara will look great with any costume.


There’s not a whole lot of women’s costume looks that are more fun than Wonder Woman so if she’s your choice you’re going to want to make sure that your costume is tops. There are plenty of choices, Wonder Woman has had a lot of costume changes along the way. You could hop into a jumpsuit, starry blue shorts and a red and yellow tank, or one of the corset and angled blue skirts with a gold border. Our suggestion? Wear what you want but just remember to keep your tiara game on point! Wonder Woman almost always has a little gold bling on her forehead, so add this tiara to your costume, and you’re sure to feel just the Amazing Amazon herself! This crown has a red star on the forehead and looks like it’s straight from Themyscira with its golden metallic sheen. You’re sure to have plenty of fun in whatever Wonder Woman costume you’d like to wear. And when that waiter says there are no more seats available, simply wrap that cord of truth around him and see if he comes up with another answer.