Wonder Woman Superhero Panties for Adults: Feel Heroic in Style

The Wonder Woman Superhero Panties will give you glowing confidence from head to toe! Underneath everything is always a superhero.


A SECRET SUPERHEROEveryone likes to feel like a hero now and again. Being able to sit back and draw on a secret reserve of strength to tackle the daunting tasks that lay before you is an important part of succeeding, even in what seems to only be day-to-day life.We have bosses that are demanding. We might have assignments and projects that seem to be so tremendous that no mortal human could possibly tackle in a single week, much less a single evening. Do they think we are supernatural? PRODUCT DETAILSThere’s more than one way to win. Channel the hidden strength of the superhero within with these officially licensed Wonder Woman panties. The blue hipster undies feature the white stars, red panel, and Wonder-W of the Amazonian Princess, herself, and are sure to give you the confidence you need whether it is to defeat giant robots or even a stack of paperwork at the office.THE SECRET OF SECRET IDENTITIESHow do you think that any of the other heroes from the DC Universe manage? We’re not talking about when they show off in their full power. We’re talking about Clark Kent, Barry Allen, and the most wondrous of all, Diana Prince. They know that beneath their common exteriors lay the most powerful of heroes. Sometimes, that’s literal, like with these undies!