Wonder Woman Foil Satin Corset with Skirt for Adults

Be amazingly wonderful and sexy in this costume. If you are all about Wonder Woman and the spirit of her resides in you, then wear this red with gold foil corset and blue with white stripes skirt. Demonstrate your wonderfulness at parties and at home.


It’s a Wonder Woman WorldWhat’s the toughest thing you’ve done this week? You might not be able to think of anything right away but step outside of the sword fighting, shield jumping realm. You don’t have to block your way through no man’s land in order to be a strong superheroine. Have you transferred your way through three buses in order to get to work by seven in the morning? Maybe you got three kids to bed after successfully hiding veggies in their dinner. Maybe you stood up to your coworker after they stole your Tiki Masala from the fridge. No matter what make you tough you’ve got to remember that you’re wonderful. That’s a fact. What makes you wonderful? You decide. Do you want to embrace your inner Wonder Woman? This shiny costume is a great way to let your inner hero out of her shell!Product DetailsThis licensed shining wonder Woman corset is structured with gold trim along the light boning. Wonder Woman’s eagle symbol makes up the neckline while hook and eyes secure the back. The lightweight mesh skirt with a chain hinting at the lasso of truth finishes the look. In shining red, gold, and blue, you’re sure to feel more righteous than ever before. Those baddies better beware.Hero’s JourneyAre you ready to change the world? This look is easy to customize to your liking. Compliment the look with shining gold accessories like the red star cuffs and crown. Make your legs ready to take on the battlefield with tall Wonder Woman boots or thigh high stockings. You can even get a red, flowing superhero cape. You can change your look to your liking as often as you like for different events. Because we all know that becoming a hero doesn’t happen in one day, it’s a journey.