Wonder Woman Costume T-Shirt: Channel Your Inner Heroic Style

This Wonder Woman costume t-shirt is an easy Wonder Woman Halloween costume. Get all of our superhero costume t-shirts for a quick and easy group costume idea!


Superheroines have a tough job. They have to fight crime, manage their secret identities, and watch while their male counterparts take all of the credit. But not anymore!You don’t need superpowers to feel a superhero. You don’t need to be the Princess of Themyscira to save the day. You don’t even need to wear super uncomfortable spandex that chafes to get the right look for stopping super villains. All you need, is the right kind of kick-butt attitude and this ultra comfortable Wonder Woman t-shirt for women.It might not have been forged by the Greek god Hephaestus, but it does offer a look that comes straight from DC comics. The front of this costume t-shirt has a printed pattern of Wonder Woman’s top, complete with a gold “W” and matching belt. The top of her skirt is also printed on the tee, which is blue with white stars. The shirt also comes with a red cape, since every girl who’s trying to look like a superhero, is going to need a cape to get the job done right.