Wonder Woman Corset Costume for Women: Empower Your Style

Somtimes, crime fighting needs the touch of a woman superhero! Like one who wears a Wonder Woman corset costume and punches injustice square in the face.


So you weren’t born with the superpowers of Greek gods. Eh, what can you do? You lack superhuman strength, crazy combat skills, and freakish agility. Sounds like you’re just a regular lady, working a regular job, at a regular company, in a regular town. But wait…what’s that peeking out from underneath your shirt cuffs? Is that…is that a bulletproof bracelet? And, since when do you wear such shiny headbands to the office? That wouldn’t be a golden lasso hanging out of your purse, would it? Look, just because you aren’t THE Wonder Woman doesn’t mean you can’t look exactly like your icon (and maybe even inherit some of her awesome power in the process). That’s right! You can still beat up bad guys like DC’s number one superhero and all it takes is this Wonder Woman Corset Costume, along with the kind of attitude that puts villains in their place (and maybe a few more sessions with your personal trainer). This red bustier corset has a constructed foam bust with actual boning and underwire support so you can bust a move without busting out of your costume. Like Diana’s, your look includes a belt, cape, and skirt–but we’ve also given you a little extra (to make up for that office job you have to work), garter straps so that you can pick up a pair of stockings and really make waves. Wherever you go in the officially licensed totally-not-your-everyday Wonder Woman costume is bound to be a little out of the ordinary!