Women’s Sexy Mad Villain Costume: Embrace Your Inner Vixen

This Sexy Mad Villain costume will be the best way to take care of any bat problems.


We heard what happened. The “Most Livable Cities” list came out for the year and yours STILL isn’t on it. Well, if your city can’t be livable, it may as well be menacing!Make your own headlines as you add a little villainous attraction to your city’s homepage. After all, you haven’t heard yet of any superheroes hanging around your town, but the best way to find out is to become a raving madwoman and draw out the do-gooders. In this women’s sexy mad villain costume you can wreak havoc on citizens and harness a little love, all at once  because villains need companionship too) Is the press still not biting? Perhaps it’s time you stepped up your evil game. After all, this costume has the deadly style that keeps all the caped crusaders running from you in fear and toward you in desire, so now you just need to crazy criminal antics!We know you don’t like to go too deep into your past, but can you remember a time when you weren’t sporting this deranged look? We want to be on your good side, so we’ll include the bra top, bolero, shorts, and neck piece. We know you have your (very scary) ways of procuring the makeup and wig if you want them. Your city may not be livable anymore with you in it, but you still look plenty lovable…to a very special someone, we’re sure.