Women’s Sexy Ivy Costume: Unveil Enchanting Allure

In this Women’s Sexy Ivy Costume your poisonous powers will be too much for any person to resist! This costume features a shiny green leopard with leaf leg wraps.


Grow, Baby, Grow!That’s what this green lady says when she’s working in the garden. She’s passionate about everything green and growing. And while you might be tempted to steal a luscious apple or two from her garden, we would strongly advise against it. The thing is, everything in her lush Eden is poisonous to us humans. So, stay away from her produce and don’t try to cross this verdant diva. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid her altogether. She’s got some great gardening tips up her sleeves (when she wears them). She knows what veggies need full sun and which ones take after her and prefer the dark side of life. Like the sound of her lifestyle? She won’t mind if you copy her look. After all, the world needs more eco-warriors of global importance, don’t you think?Product Details Just because this look is earthy doesn’t mean it’s dull. The strapless leotard has a high gloss and a fitted look that will make you feel like you’re the queen of green. You’ll like the sequined ivy that curls across the neckline as well as the sequined headpiece. All you need to make this look complete is a gorgeous red wig, the right footwear, and some makeup that’ll make you look like you know what you’re doing when it comes to saving the ecosystem!Don’t Mess with Mother NatureSo, whether you’re clowning around with your best gal pal or you’re planning on staging a plant-based uprising solo, this costume is sure to be a show-stopper. You’ll be sowing the seeds of environmental ardor when you flaunt this glossy green ensemble. Let those gas-guzzler driving superheroes come at you all they want, they’ll never defeat you when mother nature is on your side because lucky for you, every day is Earth Day!