Women’s Plus Size Sultry Supervillain Costume: Unleash the Fun

You’ll look ravishing in the Women’s Plus Size Sultry Supervillain Costume!


Cat’s Got Your TongueMiss Fea Lyne is an amazing thief. Now, we know that we shouldn’t look up to people who steal for a living, but this light-footed diva knows how to cash in the five finger discount unlike anyone else we’ve ever seen. For instance, she once met the Duchess of Winchester, had her laughing about the flower arrangements in an instant. A minute later Fea Lyne walked away without the Duchess realizing that the diamond panther bracelet (worth seven million dollars) was now missing from her wrist. And you should see her slip into a museum. She slips into a highly protected gallery as casually as we might take cash out of an ATM. From original documents from Leonardo da Vinci to vases straight out of the Qing Dynasty, this lady’s house is an amazing place to stay. Just make sure you’re keeping track of your belongings while you’re there!Product DetailsThis gorgeous women’s jumpsuit is a real showstopper. The black suit zips up the front and has a strip of sheer fabric at the front for an extra serving of sultry. Faux leather accents the look on the shoulder and sleeves making up a faux gauntlet. The look is accented with a buckle utility belt with a rope and a cat ear headband. Villains Gotta VilWhen you’re dressed up this bad you just can’t be a saint! Now, we’re not suggesting that you go ahead and steal any jewels at your local store but don’t be afraid to break little rules. Confidently walk into an open house for a fancy brownstone you have no intention to buy. Throw down a solid “no” when the PTA asks you to give to the local bake sale. Speak with shocking confidence at your next business meeting. Being a villain can feel so good!