Women’s Laughing Lady Costume: Unleash the Fun and Frivolity

This Women’s Laughing Lady Costume is a feminine version of the famous prankster. This purple and green dress will be sure to please any comic fan.


Teasing TemptressSome supervillainesses have set mottos of mayhem: a cat burglar, protect the environment, or maybe have a boyfriend who loves his mad capers. Not you! You refuse to let your evil style be confined by a label. What’s most important to you isn’t taglines and catchphrases. You’d rather have some unfettered fun! Foe to all heroes and friend to all mischief-makers (unless it seems more amusing to stab them in the back), you bring uproarious chaos and sinister charm everywhere you go! Mild-mannered citizens will tremble at your dastardly powers – just as soon as you decide what those powers are!Design & DetailsSuit up for whatever mirthful bedlam you decide to cause in your hot new Women’s Laughing Lady Costume!This spicy little number is a little steampunk, a little carnival siren, and a lot amazing! A deep purple velvet bodice is banded at the neckline and waist with a green ribbon and opens up to reveal an orange and purple polka-dotted inset. The bodice comes to two tails at the back, like a ringmaster’s coat, over the flared blue and white striped knee-length skirt. A flirty pink flower is attached to the left side of the neckline. Tie the black ribbon around your neck for the final word in villainous accessorizing! Make sure you grab a wig and pair of gloves to match, because the ones in the photo are sold separately!Have the Last LaughDon’t stay walled up in your secret lair, because this outfit is too good not to show off! You’ll dazzle your victims as you strike, and then flee cackling with glee – but no one can really be upset with you when you look this fabulous!