Women’s Green Superhero Gloves: Boost Your Costume Chic

Have the ultimate superhero costume this Halloween when you add these exclusive Women’s Green Superhero Gloves.


The life of a Super Hero is pretty exciting. There are crazy boots, padded for jumping from a twenty-foot building with nothing to show for it but a crack in the concrete. Then there’s the leotard with who knows what attached to make sure those crazy robot beams don’t do much extreme damage. Oh, and let’s not forget the cape. We don’t really know what the cape is good for other than looking really awesome when a Super Hero is posed on a rooftop with their hands on their hips.  With all the fancy outer wear Super Heroes are sporting, it can be easy to forget about the gloves. The gloves can carry communication devices, weapons, and protect the intensely strong paws of the super hero or in this case super heroine. These tight deep green gloves cover the forearm and have ribs on the top and at the hem. Take victory into your hands, after all, you’re a hero now!