Women’s Fierce Skeleton Costume

Don’t be an ordinary skeleton this Halloween become a creepy, fashionable bag of bones in this exclusive Women’s Fierce Skeleton Costume.


Fashion InwardDon’t get us wrong, we love skeleton costumes just as much as the next person. They’re a traditional outfit option which channels some seriously scary vibes each and every Halloween. Although we love this classic costume, we’ve always been skeptical when it comes to impersonating a skeleton. Life without skin seems very…chilly. Skin makes us feel safe and whole, so the thought of being so exposed scares us more than facing an undead army of skeletons. Of course, now you’re going to be one of them, but you’re going to look the part, and not just look the part but look incredible!We’re not sure if the costume gods heard our prayers or we just got really, really lucky but we knew we’ve found the perfect skeleton ensemble once this fierce skeleton costume appeared in the office. Exclusively made by our own team of dedicated fashionistas (AKA our Design department), this costume ensures that you won’t experience the same problem most skinless individuals face: being freakin’ freezing. Don’t worry, this isn’t that. Let us tell ya…Design & DetailsOur one-of-a-kind women’s skeleton costume comes with a clear vinyl jacket so you can feel somewhat shrouded while you’re impersonating this classically spooky figure. The transparent jacket allows you the feeling of being covered while conveniently showing off each and every bone. The jumpsuit features printed bones, just like any conventional skeleton costume; but it’s the peplum jacket that gives off an edgy flair.Skeleton Costume for WomenIt’s tough to be fashionable when you’re just bones, but we think you’ll hit the underworld runway when you wear this fierce skeleton costume for women. Add a pair of rhinestone encrusted shades for a look that is anything but cold. We’d say you look more put together than any other skeleton out there.