Women’s Dominance Action Figure Pink Catsuit Costume

Make your superhero skills known in this Women’s Dominance Action Figure Pink Catsuit.


When you were a little girl, you weren’t interested in being another princess that needs rescuing or a damsel in distress. No way! You were always ready to kick some bad guy butt, right? We thought so! In that case, we’d like to present you with this amazing Women’s Supreme Pink Hero Catsuit Costume! Once you make a mighty morphing transformation, you’ll be ready for the best Halloween ever.This awesome Pink Jumpsuit will make it look as if you jumped right out of everyone’s favorite childhood TV show and into the party scene. Sure, the red one was the leader and the blue one was the smart one, but everyone knows that the pink one was always the coolest one on the team! This Halloween you and your friends can form your very own rag-tag group of heroes and save everyone from time wasted on not having fun! As soon as you and the rest of the heroes enter the party, everyone will know that it’s about it go down. What is “it”? Well, we don’t know exactly, but whether “it” is a bad guy or a good time, with you around, we are sure “it” is going down.The only thing that heroes are better at than fighting off evil is partying all night long! Both feats take incredible stamina and only a true Ranger can pull either one off. So prove to yourself and everyone else that you’ve got what it takes to be a hero with this Supreme Pink Costume and the will to dance till the sun comes up!